Community Outreach
Northview places a great deal of importance on sharing faith through acts of service. The Witness Commission assures that Northview is a church community involved in the city and the world.

The congregation strives to allocate a large portion of the annual budget to outreach. Through these gifts, we support local, national and global organizations committed to serving others as a faithful response to the

Christmas Family

Children’s Ministries
From an early age, children are involved in the service of the church as acolytes, ushers, and nursery assistants. Each Sunday, a special Children’s message is given. We encourage attendance at church camp by providing scholarships for each camper. Third graders receive Bibles and are taught to read and use them. Sunday School classes for all ages are offered after the worship service.

Youth Ministries
We encourage the participation of youth in congregational activities and worship. Recreation and education activities are designed to encourage the exploration of faith. Youth attend Camp Mack, regional youth conferences, and national work camps. Every four years the Church of the Brethren holds a National Youth Conference.

Adult Education
Opportunities are available to all adults to nurture their faith through discussion and education. Adults of all ages stay after worship to discuss topics which may include the sermon and worship service theme, Brethren history, Bible studies, personal faith challenges, and local and global issues.

Nurture Ministries
Northview members are sensitive and responsive to needs among our members and friends. The Nurture Commission works to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Many activities are planned to deepen the sense of caring within the congregation, including social events and small groups.

Deacon Body
Deacons minister to persons on a private and confidential basis. They work with the pastor in care-giving to the congregation, and they assist with special worship services. Deacons are called to service by the congregation and are generally chosen for their nurturing and caring nature.

Worship is a time of reflection, community-building, learning, sharing, and prayer. Our worship experiences are built around living the Gospel in our daily lives.

Music Ministries
Northview is rich in musical interest and talents. A valuable part of worship services is the sharing of music by volunteers, however we do not have the typical choir or worship band. A special anthem or new hymn may be shared by a vocal ensemble or hand chimes choir. The congregation joins in music from the Brethren hymnal and supplement, with a blend of traditional and more current music. Inclusive language is a goal for lyrics and spoken portions of worship. The children present music for some special worship services such as during holiday seasons.

Special Ministries
We have several on-going special ministries. An example is the Love Feast, which is celebrated on Maundy Thursday of Holy Week. Communion is served four times each year during worship services. Baptisms are performed and new members are received during Sunday services. A variety of special services are held throughout the year.