As is our practice, throughout Lent we will be joining Jesus on the way to Jerusalem through the biblical texts. And in each of our Lenten texts this year, we’ll encounter a character who displays a particular character trait to which Jesus speaks. Traits that we likely all struggle with in some fashion.

But rather than call these traits character defects, I’d encourage us to think of them as blemishes. Blemishes that can allow us to grow in our reflection of them, and blemishes that can actually be beautiful in and of themselves for who they call us to be as children of God. Therein our theme for this season is “Beautiful Blemishes: Meeting ourselves on the way to Jerusalem.”

In addition, each week we’ll hear a personal reflection of the beautiful blemish of the week, and include expressions by others of their own beautiful blemishes. And, as we often do, we’ll be including a theme song for this season entitled “Beauty for Brokenness” by Graham Kendrick. So we look forward to sharing this journey with you, and pray that each beautiful blemish we encounter, can lead us toward a closer walk with God and each other.