We invite you to don your Camp Mack attire, if you’ve got any, or just come in your campy type clothing ready for a worship service representing a day in the life of a camper at Camp Mack.

From morning dip to campfire, cinnamon toast to popcorn, crafts to devotionals, with plenty of music to get you on your feet or to spark a memory.

There are plans for a small nature center with real animals!  If you have any memorabilia or stuff you’d like to share, you can bring that too.

In the spirit of camp, we ask that you leave electronic devices at home, or at least turned off, during worship time.   Devices being used to take pictures are the exception.

Arrive before 9:45 to have plenty of time to enjoy fresh cinnamon toast along with your coffee.  And you can pretend you haven’t seen your friends since last year at camp.

Speaking of camp friends, invite some to join us this special morning.

Let’s look forward to a fun service of singing, and remembering, as we gather to celebrate the impact that this place has had, and will continue to have, on so many in our congregation.