Join us on April 17th to hear David Radcliff speak to us about “Running from the tomb” and the terrifying nature of the good news, because of what it means (or should mean) for our witness in the world.

And…in case you didn’t know.

David Radcliff is director of the New Community Project, a small Christian nonprofit organization with a big goal: to change the world. NCP focuses on care for creation, global justice, challenging the US consumer culture, and providing experiences that can challenge and change us. NCP has Sustainable Living Centers in Virginia and Vermont, and partners in six countries, and with the Gwich’in of Alaska and Dine (Navajo) in New Mexico. Learning Tour groups visit all these partners for sharing, learning and mutual support. NCP also supports girls’ education, women’s empowerment and reforestation in its partner areas.

David was born in Blue Ridge, VA, and lives now in Peoria, AZ. He is an ordained Church of the Brethren minister, and served for 15 years on the national staff, coordinating peace, environmental and hunger relief programs. David and others launched NCP in 2003. He enjoys bicycling (doesn’t own a car), gardening, cooking, photography and camping.