• Outrun the Sun, fundraiser for melanoma research
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Earth Day Pitch-In – April 17

Celebrate Spring together at our next non-agenda Pitch-In on April 17. With Earth Day just around the corner, consider bringing dishes made with organic and locally-produced ingredients, two cornerstones to eating food that is good for both you and the environment!   Vegetarian and gluten-free options will also be appreciated. As usual, to save dish-washing, you […]

David Radcliff joining us on April 17th!

Join us on April 17th to hear David Radcliff speak to us about “Running from the tomb” and the terrifying nature of the good news, because of what it means (or should mean) for our witness in the world. And…in case you didn’t know. David Radcliff is director of the New Community Project, a small Christian nonprofit […]

Easter Breakfast

Join us for Easter Breakfast at 8:30am on the 27th. This is not a potluck or a youth fundraiser event, but it is a time to commune with your church family before worship. The menu will consist of Meat-free casserole, Sausage/Egg casserole, Quiche, Frittata, Cinnamon Rolls, Pickled Beets and Eggs, and Fruit Salad.  Special thanks […]